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“Studying for a Master degree at ESE has been a very positive experience. I really enjoy living in Florence. I visited the city a few times before I chose to study here. I picked Florence rather than a more massive or crowded city because it’s very warm and welcoming. It feels like living in an open air museum.

The School and staff are very open and approachable too. I appreciate that besides meeting the academic rules and deadlines, the School is also open to adapt to certain individual needs, allowing students to explore opportunities.

My previous Bachelor studies in Belgium were very theory and textbook-based, but the focus at ESE is much more on real-life case studies and practical insights. The Faculty all have impressive careers. Most of my professors have been working in high-end managerial positions in internationally renowned companies, so they can share their first-hand experience with us in class.

The idea of studying Finance lingered in my mind for a long time, yet there was a hesitation to fully commit due to uncertainties about diving into unfamiliar territory. Realizing the importance of challenging myself, I am pleased that I chose it as my specialisation. This decision pushed me out of my comfort zone, enabling a profound learning experience and growth beyond my expectations. After all, I didn’t come to Florence just to relax and have a good time!

I worked for a while in the logistics sector before, and I will shortly start my internship in cybersecurity as Business Development Researcher for Metasecurity Solutions. Business education has opened my eyes for the many different career opportunities it offers.

All the workshops and guest lectures that ESE Florence organises also help in gaining new perspectives. I particularly liked the critical lecture of Senior Digital Strategy Manager Emanuele Soi on ‘The Metaverse debunked’, and the honest entrepreneurial story of Prof. Zocchi as previous owner and CEO of the luxury hotel Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa in the Maldives. These examples are really helpful for us as future business leaders.”


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