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ESE Florence has helped me figure out what I am good at, what my interests and talents are. Before joining the Bachelor degree in Business Administration, I travelled and worked for a few years in Israel, Australia and South America. I didn’t know exactly what to do other than studying business management. At ESE Florence I have truly found my passions: blockchain, crypto and Metaverse.

My dream is to own my own tech or crypto business. I have already started an NFT project with a Japanese artist that I met here, and together with Jeremy Jackson, MBA student at ESE Florence and tech expert who hosted a series of Exduco workshops on Metaverse this term, I spoke about cryptocurrency.

ESE gives you space to focus on the things you like and to find your own uniqueness. This philosophy really nurtures personal development.

I am continuously inspired here, both in the School as well as outside the lessons: we go to art exhibitions, museums, we have school trips, guest lectures and company visits. All these new experiences help you to form your interests and get your own goals clear.

Studying in Florence has really been the best choice. The location is perfect – the city offers so many opportunities, but at the same time it’s small and easy to live here. There are not too many distractions like in big cities. This allows you to focus better on yourself.

I feel like I have upgraded my life since I started studying at ESE Florence.”


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