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“I’m Niccolò, 21 years old and born and raised in Florence. I studied my A-levels in the UK before joining the Bachelor degree in Business Administration in September 2019. My study experience with the British educational system made me want to join a UK-international Business School like ESE Florence.

I really like this type of education: it’s practical and pragmatic. You don’t only study theory, but you learn how to manage real business issues. It helps you to understand how business works in the real world. I also enjoy the type of assignments, which are often projects for written essays or group research. I learn a lot more from them than just from written exams.

The classes at ESE Florence are relatively small, in my opinion that only has advantages: we have really good, direct relationships with our professors, we learn better and have deeper friendships with our international classmates. The professors are all very well prepared. They are business people, but also excellent teachers: they really involve you in class discussions and always make sure you understand the topics.

My first year internship was with the Portuguese online marketing company ADV+. I gained a lot of first-hand marketing business skills, mostly in social media management. The internships at ESE are a great way to expand your skills and build your CV.

In my second year I decided to focus more on Finance. Thanks to ESE’s Internship Department, I am currently interning at Bellarome Ltd, a company that organises luxury holidays. I work closely with the general manager and finance manager which allows me to learn a lot of both aspects. They make me do interesting tasks and really consider me as a proper employee.

My professional goal, after graduation, is to work in an investment bank. I am particularly happy with the way ESE has taught me how to look at challenges and problems, how to analyse them and work on problem solving.”



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