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Vladimir Andryukin joined ESE in 2011 and studied at the ESE centres in London, Florence and Madrid.
As part of the Russian national golf team, his dream had always been to become a professional golfer – a sport in which he was very successful, holding multiple trophies. However, Vladimir’s decision to join ESE became a real turning point in his life as he started to develop his interest in Financial Consulting and Business Operations. He graduated at the age of 23, proposing a business plan for opening a federal chain of meat shops in Russia in his thesis.

Following his graduation, he returned to Moscow and worked in the international insurance company Allianz as part of the corporate project ‘New Generation’. Over 3,000 candidates applied, but only 15 were selected, Vladimir being one of them.

After a year, Vladimir, along with four top managers, founded the corporate insurance broker Mains Insurance Strategies in which he holds the role of Director of Corporate Insurance. The company was initially created to work with large corporate clients, helping them to find the most effective coverage on both Russian and international insurance markets. Many years of experience in the field allowed Mains to understand the inner workings of the industry and develop solutions that pushed the company to become a Top-10 Insurance Broker in the country in under 2 years.

Subsequently, they decided to widen their business presence and open the IT company Mains Lab ( / whose aim is to develop solutions that help automate the insurance market and make it more transparent and effective.

Vladimir and his colleagues understood that the insurance market in Russia required change: insurance companies were experiencing immense losses provoked by the amount of fraud in the medical/health insurance branch in particular. With this in mind, Mains Lab developed a Machine Learning (ML) tool using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that would help fight fraud.

As a result, the companies who implemented Mains Lab’s program were able to drastically reduce the cases of fraud within a year, save over 10 million Euro in losses and reduce insurer’s FTE by 30%. Mains Lab now holds the largest Machine Learning contract in Russia and was the first broker to use AI in insurance in Russia.

After that, the company developed an AI tool for the automotive insurance branch as well, which assesses the damage caused to a vehicle after an accident just by taking a photo. This tool is currently being tested and is getting ready for implementation.

Today, Mains Lab, with Vladimir in the role of a Chief Development Officer, is widening its presence in the international market. They have already started a pilot scheme with a number of Insurance companies in Romania, Estonia and Turkey and are looking for new partners and clients all around the globe, including the EU, UK and USA. 

If you are interested or know someone who might be, feel free to contact Vladimir at, or


We asked Vladimir a few questions:

  • How do you think ESE helped you in fulfilling your dream?

“ESE gave me a wider view on business and taught me how to recognise opportunities and make the most out of them. Being able to transfer between campuses while following the same programme was a great opportunity to travel, meet more people and gain experience. The best thing for me was also the fact that the teachers were active business professionals, so we not only had a chance to discuss theory, but also put it into practice. I remember having intense discussions with a number of lecturers during class, especially in Economics, which gave me confidence and allowed me to better understand the matter. Our questions and opinions were never rejected. Our professors were always up for a conversation and were happy to share their experience.
Apart from the obvious knowledge and expertise, I’d say that ESE also taught me to be more open-minded. The atmosphere that is created within the walls of ESE allows you to dream and forget about the boundaries. Students at ESE are very different and yet are all very creative. While studying at ESE, you absorb that creative energy and can direct it to build your future.”

  • Do you have any advice for future students?

“The first suggestion might sound controversial, but I would say: stop planning and be open to opportunities. In today’s uncertain times, you can’t possibly know how your life is going to turn out.
Try new roles, enter start-ups, think wider. Follow the flow of life and make the most out of it!
The second suggestion is to always stay hungry for the ‘new’. Being an expert in just one field today will probably not get you far. Be an expert in one thing, but try your hand in skills far beyond your field of expertise. More and more businesses today are partnering with companies from other markets. Take my example for instance: the insurance market used to be very pragmatic, limited to covering risks. Now insurance is more about IT, ecosystems and new technologies. Get outside your comfort zone. It’s the only way to reach your real goals.”

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