“Economy is the physical projection, the reflection of an invisible world vertical to it: the world of ideas and values, the Ethos. Economy depends on it as the shadow depends in form and dimension on the object which projects it. If a society’s ideas change, if its system of values evolves, if men’s vision broadens, the economy changes accordingly. The broader your vision, the greater your life.  Luxury is a state of being.”
 – Elio D’Anna, ESE President and Founder


The Fashion & Luxury Goods Management programme has been designed to produce resilient fashion and luxury goods industry professionals able to serve and lead businesses with creativity and integrity.

The MSc Fashion and Luxury Goods Management programme begins with a term of foundational business and management courses from which students may choose in order to complete and deepen their knowledge based on their unique professional dream, continues in the second term with a core of Fashion and Luxury Goods-centred topics and culminates in a 60 – credit Final Industry Project or Dissertation.

While the strategic course loads provide the necessary knowledge-base and tactics, ESE’s campus structure, small class sizes and multi-cultural student body comprise a built-in system that guarantees not only a keen cultural awareness, but the fertile environment in which to forge lasting alliances and the individual attention to recognise oneself and flourish as an individual.

Through our expert team of instructors, students will be encouraged to develop a unique entrepreneurial vision, enabling them to take only the most productive steps amidst emerging global issues and changes within consumer demand so as to excel and progress as if from a springboard towards reaching  their professional goals.

ESE currently has its own company in the fashion industry, Annamode 1946, with whom it collaborates for the optional internships and has recently signed a partnership with EIDM (Ecole Internationale de Mode & Luxe) in Paris affording additional post- programme possibilities for participants and exchange opportunities for professors.


  • Full-time, compulsory attendance
  • The possibility of transferring among campuses in London, Milan, Florence and Rome on a per term basis
  • Three intakes per academic year January, April and September
  • ESE’s competitive Internship Programme providing international work experience in the sector of specialization on an optional basis
  • Compact class sizes which help faculty cultivate a mentor relationship with students and provide the individual attention needed to discover their special skills and succeed in their chosen pathway

Graduates from the MSc Fashion and Luxury Goods Management possess:

  • a sense of responsibility for themselves, their environment, and their stakeholders
  • a strong sense of the meaning of luxury and the value of brand integrity
  • a range of leadership skills and abilities such as motivation, change management and conflict resolution.
  • a keen awareness of style, trend and lifestyle issues that impact on the fashion industry and its consumers
  • highly developed communication and organisational skills enabling them to be valuable members of a team or to work independently
  • advanced professional skills – promoted through industry placement and projects
  • ability to  anticipate trends through both traditional techniques and profiling
  • ability to  identify targets and successfully market products across a variety of scenarios
  •  ability to originate, interpret and critically evaluate concepts, ideas and plans expressed in a variety of media, and use them in the pursuit of personally identified and formulated projects related to fashion and luxury goods managemen

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