This programme has been designed for students that will typically not have undertaken a production-based specialism at undergraduate level, and although they may have studied filmmaking or have had previous work-related experience in the subjects this is neither an expectation nor a requirement. Film and Entertainment Industries, while in constant change and evolution due to the advent of digital technologies are the up and coming areas of a society that is ever-fast moving towards a work-less, create and enjoy-more society.

The programme emphasizes practice (based on theory) which is underpinned through live industry projects and engages students through practice-based assessment tasks – students should be fully functional in the financing, marketing and distribution areas of the industry upon graduation.

The MBA Film Production degree is a postgraduate programme of study which can be undertaken in one year (full-time), or part time over a period of between two and three years. The degree provides a taught component which is preparatory to an extensive dissertation or film industry project. 


“The man of the third millennium will understand that all that which exists in the world is a wonderful representation of his own being, and that the entire universe in all its magnitude, is not really perceived from outside but incredibly dreamed and projected from within — a film script that will realize itself while you write it.”

Elio D’Anna, ESE Founder and President


Phase 1:
4 out of the 8 modules below:

  • Financial Accounting (12 credits)
  • Economics (12 credits)
  • Research & Quantitative Methods for Business (12 credits)
  • E-Business & E-Commerce (12 credits)
  • International Project Management (12 credits)
  • International Strategic Management (12 credits)
  • Managing People & Motivation (12 credits)
  • International Marketing (12 credits)
  • Plus Workshop: Real to Reel: Capturing the Creative Spark

Phase 2:

  • Contemporary Film Production (15 credits)
  • Selling the Dream: Film Marketing, Planning & Deployment (15 credits)
  • Getting the Show on the Road Distribution (15 credits)
  • Banking on the Future – Film Financing for the 21st Century (15 credits)
  • Plus Workshop: Hitchcock and Luxury – A Profitable Marriage

Phase 3:

  • Internship (Optional)

Phase 4:

  • Final Project or Dissertation (60 credits)

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