The Business of Architecture Programme presents the first in its Key Players series: The Deal Hunter

No matter how good an architect is, the luxury of being able to pick and choose one’s clients is reserved for the few, and the business, economics and marketing skills to creating and building a practice are vital.

The 3-month programme in Business of Architecture aims to prepare individuals to bring any sized firm across the threshold of a limited client portfolio into the realm of affluence and predominance. An overview of history reinforced with practical information and a focus on international law, diplomacy and negotiation techniques provide an invincible foundation for further success. Students will benefit from ESE’s multinational structure while having the opportunity to network with valuable industry contacts from areas such as the marble, glass, lighting, materials, construction and furnishing industries.



• Three intakes per academic year: January, April, September
• 3 weeks or 3 months course + optional 3-6 Months Internship
• 4 study modules
• Workshops, guest lectures, company visits and extracurricular activities
• Compact class sizes

Visibilia ex invisibilibus - the visible comes from the invisible.
It is the story of all the great architectural and artistic works ever made. A free man’s
design and building will express his own inner economy. It is what humanity recognizes
as objective art, yet it is no more than integrity in action, integrity that manifests,
integrity taking form.

Elio D'Anna - ESE Founder and President

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