The European School of Economics Business of Architecture Programme presents the first in its Key Players series: The Deal Hunter

No matter how good an architect is, the luxury of being able to pick and choose one’s clients is reserved to few, and the business, economics and marketing skills vital to creating and building a practice are most often learned between the lines, literally, if at all.

This course aims to prepare individuals to bring any sized firm across the threshold of a limited client portfolio into the realm of affluence and predominance. An overview of history reinforced with practical information and a focus on international law, diplomacy and negotiation techniques provide an invincible foundation for further success.
Only an pluri-national profession school like ESE can offer. All modules approach subject matter from a global perspective and certificates will be awarded on a pass/fail basis derived from attendance, class participation and juries of your peers. Thanks to ESE’s multinational structure valuable industry contacts will be shared and highlighted on request from areas such as the marble and glass industries, lighting, materials, construction and furnishings.

Visibilia ex invisibilibus - the visible comes from the invisible.
It is the story of all the great architectural and artistic works ever made. A free man’s
design and building will express his own inner economy. It is what humanity recognizes
as objective art, yet it is no more than integrity in action, integrity that manifests,
integrity taking form.

Elio D'Anna - ESE Founder and President

The programme

Developing Space Syntax – Architecture in its Historical and Social Context:

REAL and Virtual Walking tours through sites and cities including London, UK, Washington, DC, USA, Vicenza, and Carrara in Italy. Includes company visits and discussions on the development of cities and the importance of their planning and structure in creating and promoting civil well-being and social advancement.

International Project Management: Foundations for Professional Practice

Estimating Project Times and Costs, Project Networking and Developing a Project Plan,  Manage Risk, Scheduling Resources and Costs, Leadership and Managing Project Teams, Project Control Process and Project Closure.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability Workshop

Guest Speakers will address topics such as: design as relates to social context, existing urban fabric and budget restraints. Quality and performance evaluation of structures based on environmental impact and promotion of well-being…

We will address together topics such as:

  • How can the newest technology improve my buildings’ performance and make my projects more sustainable?
  • What are the best new materials and services available and how can I have access?
  • How will recent global events effect the shape of our built environment in the years to come and what can my firm do to prepare for that?
  • What are some of the best socially responsible practices now being applied globally in both design and construction?

NEW MODULE: Architectural Affairs 360 – Reeling in the Deals

Marketing, Branding and Positioning, Opportunity Analysis and Needs Proposals, Relationships by Steps, Pitching and Public Relations Spanning Nations, Making a Proposal, Winning Competitions, Getting Paid for your Work, Closing the Deal.

Project Studio (Optional)

Students will choose whether to work individually or collectively on a real competition project under  the guidance of our leading professional practitioners.

Apply now to ensure a place as the studio will have a closed number. As this course will be highly intensive, please be sure you will be able to dedicate yourself completely to the program for the duration before registering

Rolling admissions with a 15 student per center per term limit. All candidates accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.
for more information write to or call +44 (0) 207 9353896

ESE London: 11-13 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ, London, UK

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