We are convinced that Sports still represents above all else a great educational phenomenon and a central element of society’s evolution.
The European School of Economics has a dream. That of being of inspiration to young people and preparing them to occupy positions of responsibility to help make each Sport a planetary School of Truth, Sincerity, Beauty. In particular, making sports a universal instrument of moral elevation, the bearer of those great values ​​of loyalty, honesty and fairness that alone can truly combat this which is among the most serious phenomena of our time.

Elio D’Anna – ESE Founder and President

Sporting events serve a range of purposes within society: establishing loyalty, unifying individuals, communities, and nations. In a world where the importance of health and leisure, is ever increasing, the BSc (Hons) in Business Administration with specialisation in Sports Management programme aims to create responsible visionary leaders in the Sports Industry who will ultimately lead and guide both individuals and teams towards their greatest success, having the business know-how to build, manage and sustain them and diffuse this important energy it in a positive way on multiple levels.

The European School of Economics undergraduate degree with a specialisation in Sports Management offers a comprehensive curriculum in the main areas of business, management and marketing studies within the context of sports management.

The course provides students with an expansive view of various sporting areas and the skills required to succeed in this field, from controlling fan-packed stadiums and the production of sports memorabilia to single player management.

The specialisation in Sports Management endows students with a thorough understanding of the dynamic issues and practices present in sport management. Three central topics will be mastered in this course: sports management, sports marketing and sports event organisation.

The BSc (Hons) in Business Administration with specialisation in Sports Management is a three-year, full-time course . All of the ESE undergraduate Bachelor degree programmes are taught in English and have a standard 360 UK/180 ECTS credit structure.

The two required internships may be in one of the affiliated companies seen below in the ESE’s Internship Programme section – these are only some of the 1500 companies with whom we are affiliated. The final year of study will be completed with a semester of specialisation courses, two free electives, and a final dissertation.

Students will also have the added advantage of being able to pursue the initial years of the BSc Business and Sports Management in any of the ESE campuses, whether London, Milan, Florence, Madrid or Rome. They will have the unique opportunity to transfer between campuses on a per term or per year basis, experiencing the same programme in multiple international contexts and cultures, with one semester of their final year to be studied in Madrid.

Students may transfer from similar undergraduate courses with a maximum of 240 credits.

Completion of the programme requires:

  • Study of a foreign language
  • Two internship placements
  • Final Project related to the chosen specialisation
  • Full time compulsory attendance

Anabella's Journey in the BSc Business Administration

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