Which is the first action once you are born?


The importance of breathing is easily proved if you think that we all can stay some days without eating and drinking (basic needs), but no more than few seconds without breathing.

Breathing helps us to oxygenate our brain, our muscles and body.
But breathing well, will helps us to oxygenate them in an effective way.
Breathing well will help to calm our mind, to face our problems, to develop our thoughts.

As a College of Higher Education, the European School of Economics is happy to propose at all its students a technique based on your BREATH that will enhance your abilities for innumerable scenarios.

During this third session, Mr. Cristiano Verducci Head of the Wellness and Well-Being Department will guide you all, practically, throughout this beautiful and fascinating technique.

Save the date:

-Wednesday 22th of April @3.00pm CET

This sessions will be held on MEET at this LINK
1 hour once a week and will see the effects on your body and mind!

We wish you will all take the advantage of this initiative!

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