“Who ever said you could not be creative?”

Creativity is inherently associated with change.
Not only major crises like the one we live through today but even small market changes, they all require a creative approach.
In moments like this one, our daily work routines are not enough to guarantee our organization’s survival. It is then that creativity comes to our aid to guarantee that we may continue to operate and add value to our work and life.
This short Creativity workshop for business provides you with some tips on how to expand your creative approaches to help your customers, employees and partners.
In a nutshell. With this promotional workshop you will learn how to:
Develop awareness of the mindset that characterizes highly creative people in business and in a wide array of problem solving activities.
Capitalize on your natural creative inclination to generate and select ideas that add value to you.
Apply creative techniques to work and life in a concrete and constructive manner you can apply immediately to your work, to help you innovate more effectively.

The workshop will include:
1. Dual system thinking
2. Creativity principles based on scientific findings
3. Idea selection and evaluation techniques
4. Overcoming thinking bias’ shortcomings
5. Principles and techniques of Design thinking

What do you need to do?
• Use this link HERE to attend the webinar FREE OF CHARGE
How much time will it involve on my part?
• Just two hours of your time which is the length of the workshop

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