We are pleased to invite all to participate in the fourth edition of the “Il Miglio di Roma” organised by our partner Atleticom.

Date of the event: May, 11th at Piazza del Popolo (Rome)

The project conceived by Atleticom is aimed at restoring an ancient Roman tradition known as the “Corsa dei Berberi”, a distance of a mile, which ended the cycle of the Roman carnival celebrations.

The competition consists of a distance of one mile -1609 meters. – from Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo, aimed towards all universities present on national territory, in order to enhance the importance of sport in terms of socialization and respect of others in a cultural context.
Within the Mile of Rome event, the “One Mile’s Minds” is the final act of the day.

It was created with the aim of offering young students an opportunity to express their thoughts, themselves, and to analyse the dynamics of the sports world in an innovative perspective.

The “One Mile’s Minds” provides also the chance for the presentation of a group project work on specific themes to be presented in 2-3 minutes of speech with a brief power point presentation.

Following the presentation, a panel of judges will be asked to draw up a ranking of the interventions and to reward the Universities that have presented the most interesting ideas.

The three winning projects will be awarded funding respectively:

1° – 5.000€
2° – 3.000€
3° – 1000€

Subscription for the Ese Student Team is due by 31st March 2019

Free admission for all the ESE students.

For more information:

+39 0648906653


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