“To change the world, you have to look no further than your own self. Most of you are conditioned by culture, by knowledge, by environment, by media, by food, clothes, money, politics, religion, sex and so on. Acknowledging this as your limitation and being aware of your inner slavery, will make you free.
All conflicts, horrors, persecutions and injustice would come to an end and with that, all disease, poverty and slavery would miraculously disappear from earth if you would earnestly inquire into yourself and fearlessly tackle the hidden, invisible generator of all crimes – your Inner War.”
by Elio D’Anna

We are pleased to invite you to the virtual meeting with the European School of Economics Founder and President, Elio D’Anna.
The theme of the meeting will be “”Change ! Et le monde changera” organised by OZ’ETRE Strasbourg and EPIDAURE Mulhouse

The meeting will be held on the virtual platform ZOOM
19.30h – Paris, FRANCE


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