ESE Florence is proud to announce its newest workshop ‘Storytelling for Leaders’ aimed at current and prospective students at ESE Florence. The workshop will be given by Elia Nichols on Friday 29 November 2019.

What does Storytelling have to do with business? Everything! If you can’t properly convey a story then yourself, your products or services are not going to appeal to your audience. Great leadership requires the use of both the head and the heart to mobilize others to act effectively on behalf of shared values.

The workshop ‘Storytelling for Leaders’ is created especially for ESE Florence by Elia Nichols, who has been teaching the module ‘Public Speaking & Communication for Leaders’ at ESE Florence for several terms now. The workshop is partially inspired and adapted by the works of Marshall Ganz and Michele Rudy at Harvard University called ‘Public Narrative and Story of Self’.

Elia Nichols is a Speaker and Communication coach, a television and film actress, and an educator with twenty years of teaching and coaching experience in speaking and presentation techniques, team building, soft skills, and nonverbal & verbal communication.

The workshop is offered at ESE Florence. For further information please contact:

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