The ESE Online system has been developed with todays’ young leaders in mind to prepare a new breed of international entrepreneurs and managers with the cultural awareness, abilities and moral qualities most needed in the world of contemporary business. This is achieved through the cutting-edge programs, synchronous virtual classrooms and above all, the defining ESE educational philosophy:

  • Do Only What You Love” – Realising and transferring students’ talent through new technologies, workshops, videos and synchronous virtual classrooms will allow them to naturally transform their passion into a profession.
  • Pragmatism – ESE’s Online Courses allows you to continue to live where you are living – and learn without disruption. Freeing you to concentrate on yourself and the assimilation of new knowledge.
  • Internationality – Synchronous virtual classrooms with students originating from as many as 80 different countries are limited to 25 participants to maximise student interaction and increase cultural exchanges regardless of apparent geographical distances.


Distinctive Features
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Customise your Study Plan
  • Live Virtual Classrooms with ESE Faculty
  • Study Synchronously with ESE students worldwide
  • Meet Industry Specialists
  • Exclusive Live Workshops and Master Classes
  • Individual Attention
  • ‘Exduco’ Synchronous Virtual Classrooms


Registration fee: £600
Tuition fee (4 modules): £5,000

Individual Modules:

Registration fee: £300
Tuition fee per Individual Module: £1200


Recognition and Awards
Upon completion of the programme, participants will be awarded an ESE Certification of successful completion of the programme.

The Economics to Come

Industries and corporate enterprises should teach the Art of Dreaming - the principles of self-improvement and inner integrity to enable their people to become advanced beings. The world of business has to realize that real, financial expansion comes out of quality, and declines rapidly when quality is missing.

Elio D-Anna - ESE Foudner and President

Customise Your Study Plan

Students can customise their study plan and select individual modules available for online delivery.

Exduco – Bring Out Your Uniqueness

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