Your image is the very first thing that is available to others and is immediately evaluated and judged.
Even if you truly believe you care more for someone’s values, personality and character, you also judge others based on their appearance. It happens instantly and subconsciously. It is not about rational reasons, but about emotions and impressions.

Your image reflects who you are, not only your personality and lifestyle, but also your values and goals. It is a way of communication and says about you much more than you may think: in this short webinar we will give you tips to elevate your online image and presence to new heights.

Martino Garavaglia Marketing Manager and Professor at the Milan Campus and Angela Bianchi Fashion and Luxury Culture Dpt Coordinator in ESE Milan and Personal Styling Expert will explain how to better manage contents and pictures on LinkedIn and Instagram to communicate effectively and share authentic information with one’s audience.
Differences between the 2 main social medias used today to get in touch with potential partners and customers, will be explained through tecniques, statistics and imagery examples.

SAVE THE DATE: Fri, 29th May 2020 @ 14.00pm (UTC + 2)

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