The ESE Florence Wellness & WellBeing Department is pleased to announce the new workshop ‘BREATH EDUCATION  – The Foundation of Conscious Breathing and Stress Management’ that will be held on Wednesday 4 December 2019 from 1.30 pm until 3 pm at Palazzo Rosselli del Turco, ESE Florence centre.

The workshop is part of the Personal Energy Management programme taught by prof. Cristiano Verducci:

‘From a physical and physiological point of view, learning to breath consciously purifies the organism. It deeply stimulates the lymphatic system (detox) and oxygenates the cells, thus cleansing the body and improving circulation. Managing and maintaining the focus on one’s own breath noticably increases sensitivity and self-awareness. Consequently we are better equipped to notice when we are in a stressful situation which may cause us to hold our breath, creating tension throughout our body and therefore wasting energy.

Breathing consciously is also an important aspect of observing our own thoughts and emotions. The result is an increased sense of serenity, self-assurance, mental clarity and concentration without additional effort. Increasing our awareness by practicing regular, deep breathing, we can access the energetic dimension: we are not only breathing in air, but also energy (prana). With extended practice and discipline we can achieve a higher level of self-control on both a physical and mental level, as well as becoming creators of our own destiny.’

Conscious breathing and its respective re-education forms part of the programme ‘Personal Energy Management’ taught by prof. Cristiano Verducci.

The Workshop is open to all students and anyone who may be interested, please register for participation:


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