ESE Florence had the honour to host  AC Milan football player and champion Alessandro Florenzi for a meeting with our business degree students.

Florenzi: “It’s not easy in the moments following an injury to look inside and understand what went wrong, and to figure out what you can do to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

ESE Founder and President Elio D’Anna: “You yourself create your own reality. Success, money, or any ‘goal’ you want to accomplish in life, are consequences of your inner states and conditions. Only in the absence of fear and doubt, can you become successful. Only if you eliminate the countless deaths you inflict on yourself, can you overcome any challenges you encounter on your path.”

Florenzi: “I agree. The most important thing is to feel good mentally. I can list many players who are faster than me, more technically skilled than me, but don’t have mental strength, or at least haven’t managed to keep their mental qualities for a long time. Performing at the highest levels requires sacrifice, both on the job as well as outside the professional area.”

By sharing his personal and professional story, Florenzi has proven to be an outstanding role model for aspiring business leaders. Special thanks to Lucia Petroni, Florenzi’s counselor, who brought us all together at ESE Florence for this inspiring encounter.

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