You are your own biggest asset – see what it means to touch your inner creativity
and take leaps forward in the world of events.
by Elio D’Anna
ESE President and Founder


Last May 6th 2020 the European School of Economics host its Creativity Webinar hold by John Wyse, Senior Lecturer and ESE Program Director.

Creativity is not only about creating works of art or generating scientific discoveries. It is also about solving daily problems.
More than necessary, it is a must in the post COVID 19 crises as we craft a different way of working and define new ways of interacting with others.

The webinar has managed to involve our participants in using creativity tools individually as well as collectively.

We thank Lorenzo Pignatti, former ESE alumnus, for his providing a relevant contribution of his creative work as CEO of TerraEvents.

In the end, we have come away with one certainty (if any at all): whatever solutions we may come up with today will be there for the generations to come.


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