In partnership with the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), from September 2020 the ESE centre in Florence will be offering a series of courses that prepare the next generation of globally competitive and highly skilled individuals to follow their dreams within the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

Hospitality is an immense sector and one of the single biggest industries in the world, entailing international 5-star hotels, spas, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and specialised resorts. These programmes will cover a wide range of subjects particularly relevant to those who are aiming to enhance their career opportunities in this rapidly growing sector. Depending on their future plans and current positions, students can choose to follow a Foundation programme, Professional Diploma or Certificate programme.

The programmes we have to offer include:


With the ESE-CTH Foundation diploma, students will gain direct access to the first year of the Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons) degree programmes at ESE, another selected university degree or other level 4-courses worldwide.

The Foundation diploma also holds value as a free-standing qualification for those who wish to enter employment at team member level. The courses combine practical career–based elements with a number of essential business and management disciplines that will be of immense value to individuals as their career progresses, making our courses an ideal preparation for immediate employment in the sector.

ESE offers the following 2 Foundation Diploma programmes:

Foundation Diploma in Hospitality Business

This diploma is aimed at young students who are new to the industry (typically in the 16-18 age bracket). It provides a firm understanding of the foundational principles of the field, offering an excellent introduction into the workings of this vast sector as viewed in a commercial business context. It is divided into the following units:

  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Purpose & Function of International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Essentials of Marketing and Customer Relationships in Tourism & Hospitality


Foundation Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality

This diploma provides students with a fundamental understanding of the Tourism and Hospitality industry, applicable to a wide range of job opportunities in this sector. The subjects included in this programme will grant students a portfolio-approved range of skills and understanding in:

  • Essentials of Human Resources and Business Computing in Tourism & Hospitality
  • Essentials of Marketing and Customer Relationships in Tourism & Hospitality
  • Tourism & Hospitality Industry
  • Essentials of Tourism & Hospitality Operations

Moreover, Foundation course students can attend additional workshops, guest lectures and company visits that ESE Florence organises throughout the academic year, and possibly take Italian language class to prepare for possible job opportunities or additional internship placement in Italy.

Students who successfully complete their CTH Foundation course at ESE will have the opportunity to study an undergraduate degree at any university that accepts the CTH Foundation programmes in the UK or worldwide.



Thanks to ESE’s academic excellence and unique philosophy, the ESE-CTH Professional Specialised programmes provide an effective academic progression to the development of an individual’s personal and professional dream in the world of hospitality and tourism business.
The courses are designed for people with work experience in the sector, looking for a globally recognised professional qualification for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.


ESE offers the following 2 Professional Specialised programmes:

Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management

This level 3 Diploma course is an essential knowledge-based vocational qualification. It is aimed at people already working within the field of Hospitality and Tourism who wish to raise their current knowledge to a further advanced level as well as aiming to progress their career towards junior management or supervisory roles. Normally, students undertaking this qualification are already involved in team management, for example as team leader in a given area of the hospitality and tourism sector.


Certificate in Management & Leadership for Business Hospitality

This level 3 Certificate course provides supervisors and managers who are in need of a recognised qualification a structured training. It provides a solid foundation for enhancing knowledge and improving skills within the business and hospitality industry. It will excel student’s preparation to become an effective contributor in a high performing management team, as well as placing them in an excellent position for career progression and promotion.


ESE Florence is the only approved CTH centre in Italy.

Applications for the 21 September 2020 and 11 January 2021 start dates are open.