ESE Florence’s Luxury Real Estate students had the exclusive opportunity to visit the headquarters of the Ordine degli Architetti di Firenze (Order of Architects in Florence) last week for a guest lesson on location with its former President, Pier Matteo Fagnoni.

Pier Matteo Fagnoni has an impressive professional experience of over 20 years in architecture and top level project management. He has been the owner of the architecture studio Fagnoni & Associati since 2002.

Fagnoni started with an overview of the most significant architecture development projects lead by Fagnoni & Associati: first of all the projects ‘S4’ and ‘Il Santo’ – two student accommodation buildings in Florence mixing Italian architecture with modern facilities tailormade to students’ needs, and secondly ‘Castelfalfi Resort‘ – an ambitious project combining hotels, housing units, wellness/spa and golf resorts with local agricultural activities.

Taking these projects as case studies, Pier Matteo Fagnoni talked the students through the complete project management timeline, from the initial design to the procurement and execution phases, starting with the principles, values, methodology and characteristics that a project manager should possess. He showed all the essential phases in the process matrix needed to achieve the various project objectives, as well as the importance of aspects like timing, costs, quality and communication for a property development project’s final success.

It was a dynamic lesson full of questions from the Business School’s students, leading to a constructive and exciting conversation between professionals.

We would like to thank Prof. Carlo Rocchi (Rocchi & Avvocati) again for taking the students to the Order of Architects’ premises for this instructive meeting and unique networking opportunity.

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