In a stunning event held on July 1st in the Auditorium 400 of the National Museum Reina Sofia, the European School of Economics (ESE) presented the “Vision & Reality” award to renowned New York filmmaker, Oliver Stone. The award recognized his remarkable contribution to the art of cinema as an independent voice and storyteller. Stone’s iconic works, such as “Platoon”, “Born on the Fourth of July”, and “JFK”, continue to shape the narrative of contemporary filmmaking. Stone also engaged in an enriching dialogue about his influential documentary “Nuclear Now”, in a session organized by ESE.

The ESE also honored former politician and ex-leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, with the “Leadership Award,” annually recognizing the businessperson who has demonstrated exceptional leadership sense.

The event kicked off with a moving concert of “Two Spanish Guitars” and the official opening of the Academic Procession. Nobel Prize in Economics laureate James J. Heckman offered a master class that left a lasting impression on the audience, illustrating the academic excellence that ESE strives to instill in its students.

A particularly noteworthy moment in the ceremony was the virtual appearance of legendary tenor Plácido Domingo, who received a special award from ESE. With evident emotion in his voice, Domingo shared a video dedicated to the graduates, offering words of inspiration and encouragement. “Art and economics, music and finance seem so distant and yet, in different ways, they can contribute to well-being and make our society progress in harmony. I wish that you never stop dreaming and that you work for a society that is never prevented from dreaming.” he said.

The impact of his words was evident on the faces of the graduates, who, from ESE campuses in London, Milan, Madrid, Florence, and Rome, are ready to embark on their own journey, inspired by the accomplishments and words of these remarkable honorees.

After the ceremony, the celebrations continued with the highly anticipated ESE Gala 2023, known for its signature blend of elegance and sophistication. The black-tie event, sponsored by exclusive brands including Il Bottaccio Relais, Grupo Emperador Spain, and Gonzalez Byass, offered a vibrant mix of networking opportunities, live performances, and recognition of distinguished alumni and visionary projects by recent graduates.

As evidenced in this ceremony, ESE continues its commitment to excellence, inspiration, and the development of global leadership.

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