Last Friday, March 4th, ESE students were invited for a Masterclass on Heritage at BVLGARI Rome

BULGARI was visionary and disruptive for its time, and the industry from the brand’s approach to advertising and communications, through the desire to have freestanding stores, all the way to the unique approach to using color in unexpected and unconventional ways.

BVLGARI is also undeniably Roman, because being Roman is a way of life. It is a truly unique spirit. It is social. It is indulgent. It is exuberant. It is glamorous. It is the way the sun kisses the city with its light.
Art and architecture are core influences for the BVLGARI brand. Every product has a direct connection to Roman architecture. The brand has always referenced the Eternal City of Rome for its unique and fanciful creations. When in Rome, do as BVLGARI

BVLGARI and CELEBRETIES… Jeweler to Stars.

“For me, Dolce Vita is Roma and Roma means BVLGARI” – Anita Ekberg
BVLGARI is the only brand that is bold enough, opulent enough and glamorous enough to claim the coveted position of Jeweler of the Stars.
Capturing the refinement of old Hollywood and the attitude of the Dolce Vita lifestyle, BVLGARI jewelry truly delivers the dream of stardom.

Thank you @bulgari Rome and Mrs Giuditta Longo for having us, it was a delight!💫⭐