ESE Florence business students completed a series of Web 3.0 workshops taught by Jeremy Jackson and are now Web 3.0 Digital #Certified!

At the end of the workshop, students were able to apply what they learned and gave presentations on their innovative ideas for the company of their choice, such as:

– Launching an #augmentedreality showroom for Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.. – customers can create personalisations and take a virtual reality test drive.

– Scan and Save: an internet platform where fridges have the capability of scanning what groceries a consumer is about to finish. It then searches nearby #supermarkets for the cheapest price and orders it for you.

– Launching #virtualreality fashion shows for #Chanel that enable customers to experience the brand’s latest collection. Including virtual clothing try-ons, decentralized loyalty programme and #NFT collectibles.

– Using Web 3 technologies to improve and make the buying process more fun for BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC. Virtual reality where customers can personalize their BMW and get accurate data on how the car works and what it would be like to drive.

– LASA App: a contract making #application where users are able to sell products under the guidelines of the app. They will be able to negotiate the price of the product being sold and the payment will not go through until the consumer receives their purchased item. If they do not receive the product, the payment will not be made.

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