In another chapter of  The European School of Economics – Florence centre’s  EX-DUCO Programme – Students Teaching StudentsAndrea Carrillo Andrade has become a Salsa teacher for her fellow students.

As her name suggests, Andrea has Latin American origins.  She is from Ecuador and has an intense passion for Latin American dance which she discovered when she attended a course at high school. In Ecuador, Latino dance is a fundamental part of the culture and the school used to organize dance courses to compete with other schools.

In addition, Andrea, who is actually attending a course in Marketing at ESE Florence, also works at the Pontifical University of Ecuador as Assistant Researcher for Observatory of Communication in techno politics, and as a teacher at the Audio-visual Experimentation Workshop.

Even though she has considerable work experience in managing the public image of Politicians, Andrea preferred to share her real passion with her fellow students: something lighter and more enjoyable like Salsa, thinking that dancing could be more useful for the group to break the ice and to get to know each other through a fun activity.

The results have been great: all the students have learnt the basic steps of salsa thanks to Andrea who has managed to share her energy through dancing, giving them rhythm, using “games” in order to memorise the steps and making her students laugh a lot.

Andrea’s salsa class is scheduled every Thursday at 5.00 pm in a large room on the ground floor of ESE Florence, equipped with a big mirror and speakers for the music.

Good job Andrea! We will miss your sparkly enthusiasm!

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