The European School of Economics – Florence centre proudly announced the new schedule of activities of the EX-DUCO Programme – Students Teaching Students, which started again this week.

Ex Duco means ‘to bring out’ or ‘to lead out’. It forms the basis of ESE’s Philosophy and Mission: to form unique Individuals, each with their own skills, talents and dreams.
Through its extracurricular Ex-duco activities, ESE wants to go beyond the conventional teaching methods, allowing students to teach each other and exchange skills, knowledge, hobbies, interests, technologies and business ideas. Moreover, the programme turns out to be a strong tool for team building among the students.

We started on Tuesday with a guided meditation session led by our current Events Management student Shiwangi Singh from India. Shiwangi, nicknamed Shiwi, is passionate about meditation and yoga and happily volunteered in sharing her skills with her classmates by becoming their meditation teacher for the coming weeks.

Shiwi’s meditation class is scheduled every Tuesday at 5.00 pm in the quiet room on the ground floor of ESE Florence, equipped with mats, speakers for relaxing music, candles and incense. The session provides a great opportunity to explore meditation and yoga for those who have never tried this activity before. The aim is to feel relaxed and peaceful by calming the mind after a full day of classes and other activities.

In the first session, Shiwi explained the basis of meditation and taught the participants some simple breathing exercises. Thanks to Shiwi’s calming voice that helped maintaining focus and remaining in sync with a relaxed mindset, everybody enjoyed her first lesson.

We sincerely thank Shiwi for her willingness to put her passion at the service of her peers and look forward to her next sessions.

The next confirmed Ex-duco activities at ESE Florence are Italian language classes and Salsa dancing sessions (both scheduled on Thursdays), followed by workshops in “Design Thinking” and in “What is the Arts from a system and business point of view” later this term.

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