The European School of Economics – Florence centre continues with the EX-DUCO Programme – Students Teaching Students.  In addition to the guided meditation classes that started a few weeks ago, we are proud to add Italian class for Beginners to our Ex-Duco schedule now as well.

Ex-Duco means ‘to bring out’ or ‘to lead out’. It forms the basis of ESE’s Philosophy and Mission: to form unique Individuals, each with their own skills, talents and dreams.
Through its extracurricular Ex-Duco activities, ESE wants to go beyond the conventional teaching methods, allowing students to teach each other and exchange skills, knowledge, hobbies, interests, technologies and business ideas.

To see how the Ex-Duco programme could be implemented best this term, ESE Florence started by carefully investigating the hobbies, interests, skills and talents of current attending students through the EX-Duco questionnaire and additional individual interviews.

An interesting request came out of these meetings, particularly from the international students, who all showed a strong interest in learning Italian in order to be more confident in their daily life activities in Florence and to make the most out of their study experience in Italy. Our Italian student Serle proposed to teach Italian to her class mates, since she already has experience in teaching the Italian language to foreigners and really enjoys it.

Before joining ESE, Serle Siliani studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she majored in song writing and music business and management. She is a talented singer and songwriter and has a great passion for music and arts. Her strong performing and communications skills are also shown in her work as social media manager at the artistic EDV Garden, which ESE Florence visited a couple of weeks ago, that she is curating together with her mother.

Serle’s first lesson of ‘Italian 101’ was very stimulating: she taught her classmates some simple expressions to introduce themselves, as well as some essential phrases that are useful in daily life. The lesson was full of fun activities such as roleplays and matching games, which helped them to better memorise the sentences.

All the students were really enthusiastic about the first class, which turned out to be a powerful tool for team building too.

The Italian classes organised by Serle are held at ESE Florence every Thursday at 3.30 pm.

We sincerely thank Serle for her willingness to put her knowledge at the service of her peers and we look forward to her next sessions!

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