“The very root of ‘education’ is Latin: Ex-duco – which means to ‘bring out’ or ‘bring forth’. No one needs to ADD anything to students, but bring to light their originality, the beauty of their uniqueness.”
 Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of the European School of Economics (ESE)

The Ex-Duco project at ESE is based on our Founder and President’s statement and provides our students the opportunity of exploring their individual talents and sharing them with their colleagues. Students become the protagonists of their idea, develop it and present it as the pioneers of their work.

Last week our Short Course student Anna Skarpa hosted a very interesting session titled, “The 7 Secrets towards Effective Communication”.
The workshop aimed to raise participants’ awareness of their communication style and consequently improve their ability to convey their ideas effectively.
Anna provided a description of the four main personality types and then, handed out an Individual Personality Test. To our students’ surprise, not all the results matched their self-perception.
Anna concluded by explaining the importance of considering one’s and others’ personalities in order to take the most out of every communication at work as well as in personal relationships.

We sincerely thank Anna for her willingness to put her Life Coach experience at the service of her schoolmates.
Everyone enjoyed her knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic and hopefully her intervention will have a positive impact on our day-to-day communication and will create opportunities for building strong bonds among individuals.

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