The European School of Economics – Rome Campus is proud to participate in the EX DUCO – Students Teaching programme. EX DUCO is a chance for our students to become the lecturers for one day and share knowledge and skills with fellow colleagues.
The European School of Economics motto is an excellent representation of what EX DUCO aims to achieve: “visibilia ex invisibilibus” – real knowledge comes from within. We believe that all our students have knowledge and skills to teach to and learn from their peers, and that is why we are very proud of the EX DUCO programme which allows us to identify students strong points and give them a chance to experience being a lecturer, speaking to an audience and having to present their skills.

Last Thursday, at ESE Rome Campus, our BSc student, Simone Garritano held a wonderfully interesting Students Teaching Session about the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language -Esperanto.

Simone, who likes to cultivate unique hobbies, is one step away from becoming a certified Esperanto speaker and connoisseur.

His presentation was compelling and he managed to illustrate the most important aspects of the language and even teach his colleagues how to build sentences and use the language from the get go. But, what our students enjoyed most were the parallels Simone drew between Esperanto and their own mother tongues. It was truly an experience that brought together the beautiful diversities that the European School of Economics is proud to hold together through the unifying aspect of top notch education.
But the student participants weren’t the only ones to learn something – Simone, who is generally quite shy, made the most of this opportunity to overcome his fears while speaking in public and practice presentation skills which will come in handy for his future career. Overall, we can all agree that he did an excellent job!

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