After a very successful first Students Teaching Session held by ESE Rome student Hira Conrad Samudio Grisini about salsa and bachata and the latin-american culture, European School of Economics ROME Campus felt up to the task of organising an even more complex Ex Duco session, this time about the one thing no one can live without – FOOD!
Our very own Bernard Barzi knows his way around the kitchen very well and he proposed a Students Teaching Session in which he could share his knowledge with his fellow colleagues. We were very happy to organise this session, and even the ESE Rome Staff had something to learn!

The course was organised in three sessions.
In the first session, Bernard introduced us to some basic cooking formulas and illustrated the concept of “umami”, whilst explaining the different types of flavours and how they mix together.

The second session was a bit more practical – our Student Chef showed some of the most common cutting styles, such as julienne, brunoise, dicing etc. Once he finished demonstrating, he invited his students to come up to the cutting board and try out the cutting styles for themselves. He was very patient in explaining and everyone managed to successfully master at least one of the cutting styles.

Throughout the whole course, Bernard reiterated the importance of a clean and tidy kitchen work place, as well as, washing your hands thoroughly before dealing with food.

It all culminated in the third and final session, where Bernard showed his students how to make home-made pasta! With just 2 eggs, 200g of flour, a pinch of salt and a rolling pin per person, Bernard showed us how to make a genuine, home-made meal, in slightly over an hour. He has always stated that the main objective of these sessions was to give his colleagues the skills to be able to provide for themselves and become more independent, therefore it was very important for him to teach them something practical like the portion of pasta that they took home and prepared for dinner that day.

Needless to say that everyone’s tummies were rumbling after the session and Bernard inspired us all to spend some more time in the kitchen, lovingly preparing the food that we need every day.

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