During this webinar titled ‘How Instagram and Facebook can help business in 2020”, Roberto Nardini discussed the journey of his company: ADV+.

Him and his team have worked for Facebook for more than two years. Gaining experience and helping companies all around the world to improve their presence on Facebook and Instagram (creating brand awareness), as well as supporting them to gain visibility in a new market and collecting leads on Facebook and Instagram. The main subject of his talk was how smart use of social media could help implement business in 2020:

Social media are “channels” through which people or in this case users share experiences, messages, ideas, images, videos and so on.

But how could Facebook and Instagram help business in 2020?

For several reasons:

  • Cost effective
  • Wide user base (more than 3.8 billion people use social media today)
  • Greater connection with users (Experience);
  • Environmentally friendly


Social media offers high reach and precise ways to reach people wherever they are. However, you cannot achieve your goals unless you define your priorities for online communication. Furthermore, social media enables you to learn a lot about people’s behaviours and interests: most popular sports, TV series, type of food etc. This is valuable information especially when constructing an online business. It enables us to appeal to a specific demographic.


Finally, Roberto went on to explain that the behaviour of Facebook and Instagram’s users is not the same. In fact, it is necessary to personalise the content depending on product placement. This means that when a company creates a publicity campaign, it is important to create a connection between the product and the consumer: there is no “one” correct choice for everyone. The biggest challenges presenting a social media marketer are: understanding consumer needs, focusing on the main purpose of the ad campaign whilst also having free rein to their own creativity.

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