International Sports Management is one of the most interesting and important fields in the Business World.

That is why the European School of Economics offers Specialised Courses and Bachelor Hons in Business & Sports Management, in order to give our students the opportunity to better understand the complex world of Sports and all the professions that are directly linked to it.
Our Sports Management lecturer, Mr. Manuele Iorio is currently guiding the students through the course itself, but also organising numerous Guest Speaker Sessions in order to give ESE Students the practical business approach we believe in and are proud of.
Last Friday, November 8th, ESE Rome Campus welcomed a Sports Management expert, as well as ESE Alumnus – Mr. Simone Canovi.
Mr. Canovi works as Master Scout at A.S. Roma. As Master Scout, he is responsible for the International area of the First Team, and has enormous experience in the sector, having selected and represented more than 2000 footballers.
Our students could barely keep their eyes away from the screen on which Mr. Canovi presented various high-tech instruments that allow you to monitor the skills and assets (and flaws!) of the athletes. He gave them precious information on how to, not only deal with the business side of things, but the human side as well, which is very important when working as a Talent Scout.
Finally, he had some kind words for the European School of Economics, as he obtained his Master’s Degree at ESE Rome in 2001 and he encouraged our students to keep studying, improving and taking academic duties and professional dreams seriously, as it can be of great value and give them an extra boost when entering the Business World.

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