“I have been there….
Here is a thought just for this memorable occasion. Memorable happens often in unanticipated yet long lasting ways. This is what can be said of Professor Glosserman and Elio D’Anna’s intervention of last year’s on the New World order. Some of Glosserman’s ideas about North Korea’s nuclear arms failed negotiation with Trump’s administration were then an admonishment of what the US administration should avoid. Nothing more “useless than the good advice you did not take” the popular song states… On the other hand, D’Anna’s speech about the importance of the inner self as a key to change those around you is always compelling. In the end, apparently contradicting ideas voiced in a complex and dynamic world like those expressed then, may remain our only certainty. Being real may be the name of the game. Higher Education should convey not only how our world should be but also how the world really is”.
ESE prof. John Steven Wyse

The conference was organized by the European School of Economics (Rome) in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America in Rome.

Watch the full video of the conference

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