From rocker to founder of a school for future leaders, the history of the entrepreneur Elio D’Anna.

From his artistic career as founder of the Osanna rock band, to his entrepreneurial career in the hotel sector, and the foundation of the European School of Economics.
Elio D’Anna is the President of an international institute he founded in 1994, his story is plenty of anecdotes and revolutions. He told about them as guest at Forbes Leader’s studios – which broadcast every Wednesday at 21.30 on channel 511 of Sky – and explained the principles underlying his institute.

The European School of Economics is a magical formula”, explained D’Anna, “and fosters a revolution in the educational world. We don’t try to transform the events, but the individual’s being. We don’t try to inject knowledge, indeed we extract it from our students bringing out their uniqueness”.

The school’s method is based on small classes, with lessons in English and the opportunity to transfer between campuses in New York, London, Madrid, Milan, Rome and Florence. Students will also have the possibility to undertake internships in important companies.

Furthermore, he and his children are working on a virtual classrooms project to teach with an avatar that totally reflects the person. “We will study in classrooms with people and students by means of our avatar, we want to bring our method to all schools and universities. It’s revolutionary.”

Below is the full interview broadcast on Forbes Leader by Elio D’Anna.


00:00 – Introduction: Elio D’Anna
01:23 – The European School of Economics: an `Individual Revolution’
05:46 – From Rockstar to Founder of a school for future leaders
07:28 – “Be and Become: Having depends upon Being.”
09:19 – “The School for Gods”: the founding principles of the European School of Economics
11:56 – The future of Education

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