The European School of Economics, Milan Campus is happy to share the first chapter of the weekly series created by the Department of “VISIONARY LEADERSHIP”. An archive gathering all dispenses, collections, and writings  around a dedicated theme. Each chapter of the series disclose the opinions, comments and thoughts of our students.

The first chapter of the series is titled Fearlessness. It stems from the need to encourage our students to reflect on their ability to be masters of their destiny. Fearlessness is linked to the global uncertainty we breathe everywhere, a way to shield ourselves from the negativity we may be surrounded by and inspire finding the right detachment to the external world.

Find the restatement of the theme by our Milan Campus student Sebastian Segura (BSc 1), starting from the following quote of the President Elio d’Anna.

"Once you realize that all comes from within – that the world in which you live has not been projected onto you but by you, your fear comes to an end."

- Elio d'Anna

The quote above not only is in fact true, however it is an idea in which I connect and can relate to on a personal level. In essence, the quote suggest that fear is completely mental, and once we realize that fear is a concept that we psychologically create for ourselves, it is then when it can be overcame. Furthermore, I believe that in order for us to “realize that all comes from within,” it is extremely necessary to have confidence, and be sure of one selves’ ability to be able to confront one’s fears. In addition, the quote states the following: “that the world in which you live has not been projected onto you but by you.” A famous saying that I believe correlates to this section of the quote is the very well known saying of “your biggest enemy is yourself.”

Ultimately, these two quotes convey the same meaning as they both suggest that at times we as individuals create our own obstacles and are not able to surpass such obstacles unless we own up to our fears and are able to confront them. Personally, I used to be quite socially shy, until someone told me that in social settings, “the atmosphere only gets awkward if you make it awkward.” In relation to the quote, I learned that the only obstacle was myself, and by realizing that, I was able to overcome my social fear. However, as stated, I believe confidence is a necessary characteristic trait, and as I grew I gained more confidence and was able to overcome my fear. However, the quote also implies that once we realize we are our own enemy, all our fears (the ones we obstruct) will end. Yet, I disagree as in some cases, individuals realize they are their own enemy, but do not have the correct personality traits to act on their fears and overcome them. In closing, I agree with the quote to a certain extent, as it depends on person to person regarding on their own personality traits.

– Sebastian Segura

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