The Guest Speakers Series enriching the Managing Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Master’s course moved to its second appointment last Friday, 23rd of October.

We are very thankful to Professor Flavio Stimilli, who hosted a very interesting Lecture on “Climate change and natural hazards: disaster risk reduction and landscape resilience for local development and quality of life” at ESE Rome Campus.

Dr Stimilli is a research fellow at the School of Architecture and Design, University of Camerino, Italy, where he completed his PhD in Ecosystems and Biodiversity Management.
After spending several periods of research training abroad (e.g. USA, Poland, Croatia, Portugal, Cameroon, etc.), he is now involved in a number of research projects at both national and international level.
In particular, he has been developing an expertise in strategies and measures for Disaster Risk Reduction and Landscape Resilience and during his Lecture he focused on these two topics.

Since he was so kind and available to come in person, notwithstanding this peculiar time, our students had the chance to expand their knowledge on the subject, ask questions and acquire yet another expert point of view on such current and ever-evolving phenomena.


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