Today we are pleased to share with you some pictures from the first lecture of the Managing for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Guest Speaker Series, coordinated by ESE Faculty member Dr Luca Cetara.

Jacopo Teodori is currently Chief Operating Officer and Chairman for Wallfarm.
Wallfarm is a newly founded company that produces innovation dedicated to soilless cultivation techniques for a safer, efficient approach to farming and growing plants and food.
Jacopo introduced ESE students to the topic of Sustainable business for agriculture with a lecture on hydroponic and Wallfarm, responding to the query “Can corporations supply innovative products and services in line with sustainability?”.

“I have always had a passion and interest in the world of art, music, acting and fashion, which I all tried and tested firsthand. This world later transmuted in me into the creation of a company with values, attention to the environment and with an innovative approach to business models and supply chains.
My startup, founded together with my 5 partners in 2015, aims to innovate and improve the production of food, fruit and vegetables in particular.”

We warmly thank Jacopo Teodori for sharing his time and expertise in an enthusiastic lecture that once again confirms the importance of following one’s Dream when pursuing professional accomplishment.

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