Innovation lies in the minds and hearts of the younger generations, who thrive with new media of communication and a completely fresh outlook on life. In Ese we experience this generational shift constantly and we’re always trying new ways to let our Students express themselves.

Enter “Noi Siamo Jedi”, a project developed by Forbes and Il Sole24Ore, in collaboration with many institutions including ESE, giving a voice and a platform to young creators.

Ese Milan decided to take part to this one of a kind project by instituting a proper Editorial Club, completely run by students, with a focus on Luxury and how it will be affected by the impact of the new generations.

Our students are taking a different approach to the world of Luxury, by digging deep into its rich history and heritage and bringing it out to the sun, as the starting point for a new idea of Luxury. In this very first episode the team, through the use of modern technology, video editing and live streaming softwares, was able to identify the new keys to interpret and kick off this amazing amazing with a fresh perspective.

This project will be the starting point for a true “Editorial Club” that will definitely show how young minds and young spirits will influence the world of tomorrow.

To see the first episode featuring ESE follow this link (min – 17:53):

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