The European School of Economics would like to put the attention to a non religiously affiliated international organization which provides access to water and healthcare, visit detainees and helps them maintain contact with their families, provides support to clarify the fate of those missing from the war let alone provide food for school children.

Can you guess which organization I am referring to? Easy you may say the International Red Cross. Not so obvious if we tell you that Red Cross personnel from Iraq have come to ESE Rome for their Procurement and Supply Chain training.

Together we have been able to concoct cost-saving goods supply solutions, risk reduction clauses to mitigate contract compliance risk, along with better ways to negotiate procurement agreements with Chinese suppliers.

Our conclusion today more than ever is that education and training is no longer just about acquiring concepts or frameworks but about finding ways to live and work better. It is about finding solutions to old problems and envisioning new ways of operating for the opportunities to come.

Thank you guys from the ICRC and see you again soon!

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