It is estimated that over 5 million people were displaced from their home in Northern Iraq due to the ISIS invasion. Today, some of those people are making a comeback to find they need to start all over again, their homes are destroyed, their businesses no longer there. In 2018, 807 cash grants were given out to people to rebuild their lives. A great number of them were issued by the International Committee of the Red Cross…

But it takes more than just money. The International Committee of the Red Cross manages projects on a large scale and in order for each project to be successful, a number of professionals have to apply their knowledge and expertise to the managing of the contracts, projects, deliveries, public tenders and much more.

The European School of Economics Rome Campus has successfully completed another edition of specialised courses, tailor-made for the employees of the ICRC delegation from Baghdad. In this particular edition, we welcomed two distinct groups: one specialising in Import-Export contract tendering and procurement management, and another specialising in Business administration and project management. Over the course of three weeks, our students had the chance to learn about contract drafting from an established lawyer (Francesca Ricci, Esq.), sustainable resource management from an expert environmental economist (prof. Luca Cetara, PhD) and international project management and supply chain management from ESE Rome’s Director of Postgraduate Studies and professor – John Wyse, MBA.

As we believe in practical knowledge and we realise that the situation in Baghdad, Iraq is in dire need of professionals who are able to apply their skills to ongoing and future projects, each course culminated in a practical application of the acquired knowledge in the form of a group project final assessment.

Furthermore, our students had the chance to attend two guest speaker sessions where they could learn about the functioning of similar organisations such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development (Guest speaker – Jorge Luis Carballo Gutierrez) and Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (Guest speaker – Ana Kafie). Not only are Jorge and Ana young professionals, experts in their fields, but they are ESE Rome alumni whose accomplishments we are proud of and who are testimonials to how a solid business education can bring you closer to your professional dream.


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