This project was originally carried out within the “Research Methodology Workshop”, offered in all ESE Campuses to Bachelor in Business Administration Year 2 Students.

As an assignment, they had been asked to draw some learnings from the Chinese Special Economic Zone experience to be applied to the EU cluster development.
All the ESE students involved in the project had focused their work on one particular cluster that had attracted their attention as they reasoned why such cluster is important for the national economy in the COVID 19 era. The students had also indicated some possible government policies in order to enhance the local economic development of such relevant industry.
On the day of their final project presentations, students were asked to elect their local champion, who would then represent his/her Campus in the ESE challenge.
The competing champions were: Sahal Basheer (ESE Madrid), Samy Chebbi (ESE Rome), Sjors Laurijsen (ESE Florence), Niyati Patel (ESE London), Giulia Zhang (ESE Milan).

After an interesting and thorough introduction by Professor John Wyse, the champions shared their presentations, followed by some Q&A.


In the end, the audience elected their preferred candidate.

Samy Chebbi
was awarded a special price in recognition for a work well done: a dinner at “Il Bottaccio Relais & Chateaux” for two people, offered by President & Founder Elio D’Anna!


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