Here we are with our second appointment of the weekly series created by the Department of “VISIONARY LEADERSHIP”. An archive gathering all dispenses, collections, and writings around a dedicated theme. Each chapter of the series discloses the opinions, comments and thoughts of our students.

The first chapter of the series is titled Fearlessness. It stems from the need to encourage our students to reflect on their ability to be masters of their destiny. Fearlessness is linked to the global uncertainty we breathe everywhere, a way to shield ourselves from the negativity we may be surrounded by and inspire finding the right detachment to the external world.

Find the restatement of the theme by our Milan Campus student Charlotte Romano (BSc 1), starting from the following quote of President Elio d’Anna.

Any harmful attack coming from the outer world is a very precious gift for those who do want to understand.
An external attack can only happen as a part of the healing process that you yourself have put in action.

- Elio d'Anna

In our lives what we fear the most are the attacks and the unexpected events that come from the outer world which we cannot control. Everyone fears them and try to find any possible way to avoid them, however, it is true that these attacks are what can make us grow the most, understand how actually the world works and be aware of what we are surrounded with. We cannot control everything, and we are not born knowing all about life, and this is where the unexpected comes in, to bring us to the right way, understand how to work things out for the next time. If we manage to control, figure things out when a harmful situation is coming on our way it could be one of the biggest gifts if we actually want to confront and understand it. Although this, I believe that we cannot control everything, but some things are just meant to be, when we try too much, but nothing seems to come our way, we should think that maybe it should be that way, we are guided to our real direction. This happened to me with the choice of university, I applied to two other universities but for one reason or another I did not manage to go there, and even if at first, I was not satisfied with myself, now I start thinking that it was supposed to go like this, and I’m happy of my final choice. Therefore, I believe that every single harmful attack or event, if taken the right way, can lead us to grow and heal what we thought was bad. When we need to make a decision, we often fear the worst, worrying that an unexpected bad thing will happen, however, there are times when we hope for the best too. Unexpected events can make us stressed, uncertain and question the path we are on, but if we manage it the right way it can bring some excitement but also adjustment, so whether something bad happens, we just have to face a new day with different circumstances. How we take any harmful attack is the most important part, with acceptance we can get the most, when life throws us some hardship our first response could be denial, to protect ourselves. We all need to face what we are most afraid of and then we will be for sure rewarded.

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