The European School of Economics has envisioned the birth of a new mankind, for the creation of individuals free from prejudice and fear, and capable of harmonising apparent, age-old antagonisms between economics and ethics, action and contemplation, and financial power and love.

The ESE bachelor, master, MBA, and certificate programmes aim to prepare international entrepreneurs and managers with the cultural awareness, abilities and moral qualities most needed in the world of contemporary business. This is achieved through the unique ESE educational philosophy:

  • “The Dream is the most real thing there is” – students develop a unique academic and professional pathway through their selected course specialisation, internship placement, and final dissertation
  • Pragmatism – hands-on experience in contemporary business practice through the comprehensive internship programme
  • Internationality – student body originating from more than 60 nations, ESE centres around the world, and internships with global organisations.

The European School of Economics is a new concept in higher education. A college of international business, the scope of an ESE education extends beyond a thorough preparation in the principles of economics, management, marketing or finance. The objective of contemporary colleges and universities should be the development of each individual, through a system of vital ideas, for the preparation of a new generation of visionary leaders.

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Business has decided too quickly to use reasoning, inquiries and analysis. It is no longer possible to rely on programmes and plans. The economy is more and more invisible, intangible… From a rational, regional, nineteenth-century capitalism we are moving towards an ethical, esthetical, creative, emotional capitalism of worldwide dimensions. We need to develop new senses: a sixth sense: intuition, and a seventh sense: the dream.

Elio D'Anna, ESE Founder and President

Your Dream is The Mark