The European School of Economics is always looking for talents and valuable professionals that could contribute to its new concept in higher education. As a college of international business, ESE’s scope extends beyond a thorough preparation in the principles of economics, management, marketing or finance. Contemporary and future colleges and universities should focus each of their students on the uniqueness of their own dream. At the centre of any activity of the European School of Economics, of utmost priority is the aim to educate men and women towards self-discovery and inner responsibility.

Beyond the powerhouses of industry, the skyscrapers of finance,
behind all that we see and touch, at the origin of every intuition,
of every scientific achievement there is the Dream of one man,
an individual. Only individuals can transform society.

Elio D'Anna - ESE Founder and President

The continued ability of our staff and faculty to lead, create and innovate, and ESE’s ability to attract, develop and retain teams of talented professionals, is critical to our success.

Please find below the current vacancy at the European School of Economics:

Thank you for your interest in working with ESE, we look forward to receiving your application to the relevant ESE centre in due course.

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