The Bachelor of Science in Global Political Science (BSc Hons) is a three-year, full-time course with three pathways – one in Diplomacy, one in Leadership and the other in Trade. All of the ESE undergraduate Bachelor’s degree programmes are taught in English and have a standard 360 UK/180 ECTS credit structure and can be studied under the permission of the academic.

The two required internships may be in one of the affiliated companies seen below in the ESE’s Internship Programme section – these are only some of the 1500 companies with whom we are affiliated.

Students will also have the added advantage of being able to pursue their programme in any of the ESE campuses, whether London, Milan, Florence, Madrid or Rome. They will have the unique opportunity to transfer between campuses on a per-term or per-year basis, experiencing the same programme in multiple international contexts and cultures.


  • provide a coherent, broad-based programme of study of political and economic history, theory  and organisations and their management and their growth within the context of a changing external environment;
  • provide an understanding of how values are allocated and resources are distributed and contested on the local, sectoral, national, regional and global levels;
  • place questions of political and international order and disorder, decision-making and political contestation at the centre of analysis;
  • develop in students a capacity to think critically and independently about events, ideas and institutions;
  • provide new ideas that will be the seeds of development for independent thinking and the creation of visionary leaders.

Students may transfer from similar undergraduate courses with a maximum of 240 credits.

Completion of the programme requires:

  • Study of a foreign language
  • Two internship placements
  • Final Project related to the chosen specialisation
  • Choice of Full or Part Time study modes with compulsory attendance

“…Our civilisation like a starship sent into space, travels towards a not-doing society, a society of being where the value of ideas and creativity in thinking prevail on action. The next psychological revolution will produce the shift to a more evolved economy, more subtle and intelligent, to a more efficient, idealistic, and concrete capitalism, at the service of life on earth and of the evolution of man.
In this economy individuals inspired by an “ethical objectiveness” will emerge, cells of a new humanity, capable of nurturing the dream of a global economy and of a politics of a planetary responsibility, people aware that individual, personal improvement is the basis for every progress made in society. ..”

From ‘Economy is a Way of Dreaming’, by Elio D’Anna, Founder and President, European School of Economics

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