This Executive Programme is designed for professionals aiming to expand their expertise in the luxury real estate market within Italy. Over the span of 3 weeks, participants will delve into the intricacies of the Italian luxury property landscape, gaining comprehensive insights and practical knowledge essential for successful investment strategies.
The course will also analyze the variables that influence the costs and timelines of a project or a real estate development to make the relevant business plan as realistic as possible, ensuring a profitable investment.

Course participants will have access to the exclusive ESE LRE CLUB for high-level networking opportunities.

In partnership with Rocchi & Avvocati

Key Topics

1. Understanding Italian Real Estate Market

  • Overview of the Italian real estate ecosystem: market trends, regions, and prime investment locations.
  • Legal frameworks, property laws, taxation, and regulations pertinent to foreign investors.

2. Analyzing Luxury Real Estate Trends

  • In-depth analysis of luxury property segments, buyer demographics, and evolving trends in Italy.
  • Understanding economic factors impacting luxury real estate: GDP, interest rates, and market demand.

3. Investment Strategies and Practical Insights

  • Analysis of the variables that affect costs or the timelines.
  • Identification of the professional figures and operators usually involved in real estate development.
  • Exposition of the main regulations and constraints in the construction and real estate sector.
  • Tax profiles.
  • Diversification tactics, risk assessment methods, and financial planning for investing in Italian luxury real estate.
  • Case studies, expert insights, and field visits to renowned luxury properties for practical application and learning.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a nuanced understanding of the Italian luxury real estate market. 
  • Identify prime investment opportunities and market trends within Italy. 
  • Navigate legal and regulatory frameworks crucial for foreign investors. 
  • Develop sound investment strategies tailored for the luxury property sector.
  • Acquire practical insights through site visits and real-world case studies.

Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for real estate professionals, investors, managers, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to broaden their knowledge and capitalize on investment prospects within the exclusive realm of luxury real estate in Italy. 

Methodology: The course will employ a blend of lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, industry expert insights, and immersive field visits to provide a comprehensive and practical learning experience. 

Outcome: Upon completion, participants will emerge equipped with the knowledge, strategies, and networking opportunities necessary to confidently navigate and operate effectively in the Italian luxury real estate market.

Starting date: 6 May 2024

Classes language: English


Additional details:

  • Compact Class Sizes
  • Exclusive Site Visits & Seminars with high-level professionals 
  • ESE Certificate Award
  • Plus Membership to the exclusive ESE LRE CLUB for high-level networking opportunities

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