Ex-duco is an innovative project created by ESE to allow students to communicate with each other by exchanging ideas, skills, knowledge, hobbies, interests, technologies and businesses. Each student will be able to teach other students what he knows and can do, and in turn will learn from others what he does not yet know.

– activities are inspiring, challenging, inspirational extracurricular activities
– in line with ESE’s philosophy and values
– it allows students to acquire important management and leadership skills
– it provides new experiences, activates creative thinking and offers experiential learning opportunities to grow as a person and gain important life skills


Ex-duco projects throughout the ESE centres, to mention a few, have been:

-a series of meditation and yoga classes taught by a student from India
-salsa dancing lessons taught by a student from Ecuador
-workshops on Design Thinking by a Ukrainian student with a design background
-‘Italian 101’ language class by an Italian Master degree student who consequently discovered she had teaching capabilities
-workshops on Art Gallery Management from a Brazilian student with work experience in the artistic sector
-music theory and piano lessons by a student and professional pianist from Tunisia
-singer-songwriter workshops from a student and musician from the Netherlands
-modern dancing by a student from Spain


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