Ex-duco is a programme created to allow students to communicate with each other by exchanging ideas, skills, knowledge, hobbies, interests, technologies and businesses. Exduco is an innovative  project that was born within ESE to go beyond the conventional and  obsolete teaching methods.

Each student will have to teach other students what he knows and can do, and in turn will learn from others what he does not know.

Realizing and transferring students’ talent through new technologies, workshops, videos and synchronous virtual classrooms will allow them to naturally transform your passion into a  profession.

Art, literature, video-making, sports disciplines, cutting-edge technologies will complete the academic path and the student will no longer be a simple passive receiver of notions but will have the opportunity to express himself and complete his preparation.

  • Share your passions and learn new skills
  • Meet ESE students and alumni from all over the world
  • Participate in exclusive synchronous virtual classrooms

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