The mission of the European School of Economics (ESE) is to guide its participants to the discovery and the realisation of their professional dreams through the building of an individual and formative path composed of study, theory and field experience. The ESE combines its insightful approach and firm grasp on the job market to look after every aspect of your career: from the entry level and development to advancement and goal realisation.

For this reason, thanks to its structure with branches in Europe and the USA, ESE collaborates with over 40 partner institutions and over a thousand large corporations around the world, allowing us to assist students in finding a position or progressing in their career whatever their field of business: International Finance; Fashion & Luxury Goods Management; Art and Culture Management; Music Management, Entertainment, Event Management, Sports Management and Hospitality Management and Tourism.

Do Only What You Love

The European School of Economics believes that every individual must discover their own dream and do only what they love to achieve in life their highest aspirations.

There is a fundamental link inherent between the development of the individual human being and his professional career – between the evolution of the being and the same man’s financial destiny. The economy of a man reflects his values and level of responsibility.

The smallest increase in your level of being projects you as a giant in the professional world.

Elio D'Anna, ESE Founder and President

Whether looking for a first experience in the world of employment or a change within your current career, ESE overturns the classic approach: eliminating the worry of not being selected and instead putting you in the position to choose with whom and where to work.

To make these choices, you need to know yourself and ESE has a team of professionals available to assist you along your path towards awareness and personal development.

Career consulting and personal development

If you already work, ESE offers new career opportunities, in Italy and the rest of the world. Whether you wish to change business sector, move to another country or escape the boredom of a mundane pre-programmed career, ESE will make your aspirations a reality.

The European School of Economics regards professional, specialised training alone as insufficient because we know how important it is to widen your vision and develop your own innovative ideas and values. It is only possible to access higher managerial roles and change your own financial and economic destiny through specific training which elevates your level of responsibility

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