The mission of the European School of Economics is to guide its participants to the discovery and the realization of their professional dreams through a formative path composed of study, theory and field experience.

ESE offers extensive and competitive internship programmes. The quality of the placement service is a result of the relationships that ESE has fostered with global companies over the years. This enables students to have excellent opportunities to enter the job market and gain exposure. The internships are structured, evaluated and recognized as an integral part of the course of study and provide each student the opportunity to spend a period of time in a work environment consistent with the chosen specialization.

Dedicated Services:

Career Coaching
Have one on one meetings with our Career Service professionals to assess competencies, discover and strengthen your own soft skills, learn Self Marketing and Personal Branding

Guest Lectures and Workshops
Get inspired by talks with professionals from different businesses and learn from our workshops with them

Access to ESE Network of Companies and Alumni
Have the chance to connect to hundreds of well renowned companies all over the world and a network of distinguished ESE alumni

The smallest increase in your level of being, projects you as a giant in the professional world.

Elio D'Anna, ESE Founder and President

Locations and contact information

Tel: +442079353896 or +442032867037