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“My name is Barkin Altun and I am from Turkey. I am really glad I joined ESE – it offers a truly personal education. Professors help you in directing you towards your career goals and professional dreams, which is significant for young people. When I started my Bachelor degree programme with ESE Florence in September 2017, I had no idea about my future. But meeting the professors, who are themselves business owners and managers, has been helpful in learning more about different options and opportunities.

My first year internship was in a global tech-company in Malta, where I worked in sales. As a first work experience it was very valuable, but it wasn’t the type of career I wanted to pursue.

My second year internship was in an important petroleum corporation in Turkey. It was a really exceptional chance for me to work there. Usually these types of companies are extremely hard to enter, but ESE Florence’s Internship Department helped to open this door for me! I worked in finance and accounting and found myself doing economical analysis that I learned in class in the previous semesters. My colleagues really treated me like a full employee. It was this internship that made me realise that I wanted to go for a career in finance.

The most valuable things I learned from ESE are responsibility and self-confidence. The professors’ approach in class was extremely helpful in this. They don’t treat you as regular students, but as future business leaders or managers. But the biggest and most valuable lesson was probably personal crisis management. I learned how to overcome personal challenges and find solutions. Or better: I realised that I am the solution. That everything is already inside me. ESE’s philosophy will surely stay with me for the rest of my life.

I would like to give a special thanks to ESE Florence’s staff, who has always been super available to help me with personal challenges, with advice and suggestions. They also helped me discover my passion for finance. My dream is to become a CFO in a sustainable business. I feel ESE’s degree is a great preparation for this.”

Barkin Altun

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