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A quite long journey drops me in Milano carrying a large bulk of feelings, although a heavy part of them, the fears, disappeared from the beginning. “Hi Catalina, we were expecting you!” said the broad smile of Margherita, Milan’s branch Students Affair.

No doubt, right moment, right place, let´s begin!

Studying abroad is not a piece of cake, so many different issues are at stake. Luckily, at the beginning I got the feeling I could reckon on every single member of the ESE team, as they are caring and interested in you.

Just rather a customized attention, not only in a human way but professionally. Since the very beginning, I could freely express myself to explain my actual working area, my industry, and furthermore, my dream job. ESE got these insights into account, designing a course for me to study the correct modules, and what’s more, arriving at the perfect companies when interview time for an internship came.

All this being said, you can imagine the lecturers are at this speech level. Recognized professionals backed with experience and knowledge, meaningfully willing for the students, teach new concepts and the way to apply them in our lives and future jobs. I was really pleased with every module, my so desired student abroad experience has been completely successful, as the methods of training and the concepts taken into account had a totally different way of thinking to the ones that I was used to in Argentina. My mind was expanded, especially when talking about global and cultural subjects.

So, if you are asking me it’s a YES, please do your studying abroad experience, follow your professional goals, you will not regret it. And yes, go ahead with ESE.”

Catalina Guerchi from Argentina – Events Management Short Course

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