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“I am Cosimo and started my Bachelor degree in Business Administration in September 2018 at ESE Florence. I have enjoyed it very, very much to be part of ESE. In short: my international classmates have been great, the staff outstanding and the professors excellent.

The classes I liked most were the second year Operations Management and third year Strategy and Strategic Dilemmas, mainly because of both professors who were very good at explaining the theory with real-life business examples, making it much more dynamic and real. They have a lot of valuable business contacts and connections and an ample experience to learn from. But actually, all professors have been very good, professional and always available, both in class and outside class. Professors are real advisors for internships and job opportunities, that is very valuable.

The personal guidance and assistance were also reflected in the staff, who have been outstanding. They have always been fast and precise in answering questions and ready to assist with personal issues. For me this has really made a big difference.

On a personal level I have grown a lot, especially in my communication and presentation skills. I absolutely loved the Public Speaking workshop which, in fact, I attended two years in a row. The workshops in computer skills were also extremely relevant.

I loved my first internship experience at Tenuta del Buonamico, an important wine producing company near Lucca. I learned a lot about working with different clients, understanding their specific needs. The second year I returned to the same company for an internship in social media management and assisted in marketing projects, where I learned more about the impact of advertising and promotion.

I am passionate about the wine industry and I would love to work in this field after graduating, so these two internships have been very important for my professional development.”

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