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“My experience as a Master degree student at ESE Florence so far has been amazing – I have no other words.

The first term was a bit difficult for me to adapt to a new academic system and new city where I didn’t know anybody. Now I have made lots of international friends and created a life here in Florence.

My favourite classes are the Marketing lessons with Prof. Musanti. They are 3 hours in length, but it doesn’t feel long. I really enjoy the classroom discussions – we all participate and are involved. I also love it when the professor talks about his experience.
The exams are open questions and you have to answer in essay-style. All of this pushes you to form your own opinions and to be more creative.

The biggest eye-opener for me has been my personal growth. Here at ESE, you as a student come first. I have been able to do a lot of self-improvement and reflection. I also enjoy my time alone now, my walks, my thoughts.

The extra activities that the School organises are amazing. Earlier this term we went on a trip to Paris, but we also visited companies and had the honour to listen to success stories of entrepreneurs and business people during guest lectures. The AI workshops with MetaSecurity Solutions were great, but also the visit and lessons at the luxury hotel Four Seasons was amazing.
My dream is to open my own gelateria in Lebanon, so to be able to learn directly from hospitality professionals is valuable.

My advice to other students? Get out of your bubble and go on a new adventure. My time at ESE Florence has taught me a lot. Going out of your comfort zone is where you grow.”


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